Buy Ripple online in India

Ripple is the best of both worlds- a digital currency (XRP) as well as an open payment network. It is an open source payment system, with prime aim building a decentralized digital currency. Ripple currency only extracts a little amount i.e. a ripple (1/1000th cent) from each transaction done by the user.

People have debated over – Litecoin and Ripple, which one being the best digital currency? Where Ripple has expanded its market across many countries. This has grown the most over past 3 to 4 months and have a universal payment scheme.

With unimaginable growth, Ripple has set its market in India, Bitfeu- an online crypto currency based platform is the best example. In a recent announcement, it has been declared that Ripple in India will be profitable as the country is going through an unprecedent digitization. Bitfeu has emerged itself as a fine online provider to buy, sell or store ripple currency.