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With the instigation of crypto currency - Bitcoin, there has been various fallacies about it. Let’s walkthrough some facts which answers the big question- Are bitcoin safe?

Independent of currency control: These currencies are not bound to follow rates as per any national currency. They defy the rise and fall of any currency in the global market. Hence, they help in secure complete transfer I.e. tax less.

Finiteness: Existence of such tokens are around 21,000,000 in number. And because of determinate amount of bitcoin stock, they are safe and have a greater value.

Data privacy: It is impossible to identify the source of sender or receiver details. They are a strip of 34 long alphanumeric characters which encrypt the transactions.

Powerful than supercomputer: It has been discovered that bitcoins have a computing power around 2,046,364 Pflop/s which is equal to 500 most powerful supercomputers.