Our Team

Our Team

Bitfeu is India’s Advanced multiple crypto-currency exchange. This platform facilitates people with crypto-tokens ranging from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple to Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Our team grows with eternal rate of technology hype. Here our team is an excellent squad for designing and maintaining this platform. We are a wonderful bunch of people with mixed interests. Some of us are technology freaks, and some outstrip their passion in blockchain techniques. Team Bitfeu assures its users for a relentless growth in crypto-trading world.

We are a team of abundant professionals with boundless experience. Our commission is to deploy user-friendly platform that can be a solution to all complex problems. With the belief in innovation in blockchain technology, Bitfue team contributes in offering quality service. We assure a profitable investment with the commitment of constant

Team member1 - Bitfeu
Software Engineer

Arnish Gupta

Team member2 - Bitfeu
Software Engineer

Diksha Sharma

Team member3 - Bitfeu

Vishal Gupta

Ashish Agarwal CEO Of  Bitfeu

Ashish Agarwal

Pinku Agarwal - Bitfeu

Pinku Agarwal

Team member4 - Bitfeu
Software Engineer

Syed Nazafat Ali

Team member5 - Bitfeu

Sapna Vyas